Filcoten - Performance and Compliance

Filcoten is classified as a High Performance Concrete (HPC).  Due to their high strength-to-volume ratios, HPCs have been successfully used on large scale civil engineering projects for a number of years.  However, because the specialised environment required to manufacture large HPC components has proved difficult to replicate in high volume production of smaller products, the technology and benefits have not, until now, been fully realised across the construction industry.

The patented formulation of Filcoten is enriched with a blend of fibres that combine to increase the structural integrity of the material.  No harmful or toxic resins, catalysts, hardening agents or solvents are required.  It is only by very close control of temperature and humidity throughout the curing process that the high consistency and unique properties of Filcoten are achieved.

Having 40% greater compressive strength and double the flexural strength of conventional HPCs, Filcoten’s dense and uniform micro-structure allows high load bearing with minimal material use.  This lowers product weight and lessens the overall environmental impact - a feature further enhanced by Filcoten being 100% recyclable and produced using more than 90% renewable energy.

Due to its high density and uniform structure, Filcoten has unique surface properties that allow products to be optimised to their individual applications.  The drainage channels have an extremely smooth inner surface which improves the flow characteristics and promotes self-cleaning.  The surface is also given a very slight water absorbency.  This improves the integrity of joint sealing in water-tight installations and, critically, achieves a near monolithic bond to the channel’s surrounding bedding concrete.

Creating a monolithic installation extends the stability, durability and longevity of the channel run.  In independent testing, Filcoten achieves at least a five times stronger bond to its bedding than any other drainage material.  And, as Filcoten has the same thermal expansion characteristics as the surrounding concrete, the integrity of the installation isn’t compromised by temperature fluctuations.

Filcoten is entirely UV stable and carries an A1 Fire Rating meaning it is completely non-flammable.  It is also certified under BS EN 1433 up to Load Class F900 and complies with the ASTM A112.6.3.2001 Trench Drain Standard, making it suitable for any urban or industrial application.