We have added our highly specified range of Slotdrain channel drainage to XP Solutions’ MicroDrainage software. This development means Gatic can now provide a BIM (Building Information Modelling) Level 2 compliant solution. MicroDrainage will include a Gatic Slotdrain parts list that is available in Network and within AutoCAD Civil 3D through the DrawNet(CAD) interface. The advantage is that normal design workflows will be maintained and the resulting drainage design that is generated through MicroDrainage will be BIM compliant. This can then be exported into a program like Navisworks or similar for different file types.

How to model Gatic secdtions in MicroDrainage

In this combined webinar between Innovyze and Gatic, we cover how to make the most of the new Gatic Filcoten and Slotdrain products placements within MicroDrainage. We show how this functionality can be used to automatically create optimised pipe and channel sizing in complex networks containing a mixture of pipe and Gatic sections. The webinar will also demonstrate some of the tip & tricks that can be used to get the most out of this functionality.

• Introduction to Gatic Slotdrain and FilCoten sections • Comparison of linear drainage and traditional pipes networks

• Live software demonstration of the automated design of Gatic sections

• Tips & tricks to get the most out of Gatic Slotdrain & Filcoten product placements

• Future development plans & BIM compliance capabilities

• Q&A discussion