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Welcome to Gatic Slotdrain

For more than 80 years Gatic Slotdrain has maintained its reputation as a global leader in the manufacture and supply of surface water drainage systems. Our Slotdrain products are chosen to meet the channel drainage and water flow regulation needs of specifiers around the world on construction, transport and utility projects.

Gatic’s core business has traditionally been driven by its success in meeting the heavy linear drainage demands of the world’s major air and sea ports. In fact, Slotdrain’s unique channel drainage profile was originally developed in conjunction with leading construction industry professionals from the airport sector.

The concept has, however, proved infinitely scalable and has now been developed into a comprehensive range of products allowing its benefits to be spread to smaller projects such as landscaping schemes, shopping developments and parking facilities.

Future challenges
We hope you will find what you need in these pages but, despite the huge variety of components and Slotdrain systems available, there is always a new challenge to rise to. At Gatic, we never expect to rest on our laurels and intend to continue to supply products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations well into the foreseeable future.