ProSlot Cast

Load rated to D400, ProSlot Cast is a simple, pre-assembled and easy to install drainage system ideal for use in areas that carry light vehicular traffic and heavy pedestrian traffic, such as shopping centres, car parks and community amenities.

Load Classification:
A15 to D400

  • Fast & Simple to install; all you have to do is slot together the sections, which come ready-fitted with injection moulded push-fit end piece connectors
  • Efficient at disposing of large and small volumes of surface water
  • Intake throat features a divergent taper that helps prevent blockages
  • Almost completey invisible when installed
  • ProSlot Cast is suitable for asphalt finishes
  • Landscaping & Pedestrian Schemes

    Landscaping and pedestrian schemes include domestic driveways and paved areas. For these projects the aesthetics and design of the slot or channel drain is important to ensure it is discreet and fits seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

  • Car Parks

    In car parks, slow turning traffic and a constant flow of vehicles makes for a demanding and harsh environment for any surface water drainage system. Strength and durability of the slot or channel drain are essential in these high traffic areas.

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ProSlot Cast Channels

Code Product Top Load Rating Length (l) (mm) Width (w) (mm) Height (h) (mm) Invert (i) (mm) Throat Depth (T1) mm Slot Orifice (mm) Intake Area / Metre (m²) Weight (kg)
A111005 PROSLOT 100 CAST D400 1000 170 165 135 45 8 7272 15
A111010 PROSLOT 150 CAST D400 1000 170 255 225 45 8 7272 17
A111015 PROSLOT 200 CAST D400 1000 170 381 351 45 8 7272 20