ProSlot - The fast and simple slot drainage system


Until recently, slot drainage systems have only been available for complex specification projects. But that has all changed with ProSlot – the first and only ‘off-the-shelf’ slot drainage system ideal for smaller projects. It is easy to install and comes with minimal transportation and maintenance cost.

ProSlot comes with the exceptional drainage capacity, unobtrusive profile and unique channel shape of our Slotdrain system. We’ve done all the hard work in design, production and pre-assembly - so you don’t have to.

Available in two ranges: Cast and Pave, ProSlot can be used neatly and efficiently with paving and concrete, as well as tarmac. ProSlot Cast is ideal for asphalt surfaces. Note: ProSlot Pave is also available in Stainless Steel.

Benefits of ProSlot:

  • Efficient at disposing of large and small volumes of surface water
  • Intake throat features a divergent taper that helps prevent blockages
  • Same smooth, galvanised internal finish and ‘V’ section bottom as Slotdrain to maintain good flow at low volume. This maximises self-cleansing
  • Almost completely invisible once installed
  • Fast and simple to install: all you have to do is slot together the sections, which come ready-fitted with injection moulded push-fit end piece connectors.


Our plastic components are manufactured using re-processed materials, such as old car bumpers, to help cut down on landfill waste.

Site Work and Maintenance Guide

Our illustrated literature includes advice and general information on safe handling, installation and maintenance of our Slotdrain products. This can be downloaded from our website. Alternatively, email or phone us to request a copy.