Filcoten – The sustainable channel-based drainage range offering an innovative alternative approach for all types of applications.

Filcoten is an innovative, lightweight concrete channel drainage system that sets new standards in strength, installed performance and environmental benefits. The unique combination of high strength, high durability and geometric stability provides engineers and contractors with a market leading channel drainage solution.

High Performance Concrete

Filcoten is a significant advance in the formulation and manufacture of High Performance Concrete (HPC) products. HPC represents compressive (load bearing) strength, which is generally measured in Newtons/mm sq. If a concrete product achieves a compressive strength of 50 N/mm sq or above it is classified as an HPC product. HPC was originally developed for use on large civil engineering structures. This is because it was difficult to control the manufacturing process and achieve consistent results for smaller scale solutions, like channel drainage.

However, due to the unique composition of Filcoten, the control of manufacture and the curing process it achieves an outstanding compressive strength of 80-90 N/mm sq, making it a leading HPC solution for commercial and domestic projects.


Flexural Strength

In addition to Filcoten’s compressive strength, also achieves a high level of flexural strength – approximately double that of conventional HPC. The combination of compressive and flexural strength is what sets Filcoten apart from other traditional channel drainage products. Flexural strength is defined as a material’s ability to resist deformation under loads. With conventional HPC the product would simply shatter and break under a sudden load or with sudden impact. Filcoten’s flexural strength means it can flex and absorb shock loads and sudden impacts. This has benefits in transit, in handling, and in stock too, with far fewer breakages. The robustness of

Filcoten translates into considerably longer and trouble-free operational life, as well as substantial cost savings over the product lifetime.



Uniquely, Filcoten is manufactured without the use of chemicals. It is the only product to be made using mineral fibres, small mineral particles and renewable energy. It’s also 100% recyclable.


Easy to install and great looks

Filcoten’s dense micro-structure means a better looking product, with a smoother and sleeker wall finish. It is also more consistent dimensionally, which improves the accuracy of the installation. Its lightweight composition makes it easier to install. When installed Filcoten won’t crack easily or become separated from its concrete surround with temperature changes. It is designed to endure frost/ thaw cycling conditions and will expand and contract at the same rate, resisting crack formation, water penetration and the process of breakdown.