Gatic PreCast - Fast Track Installation

Gatic has teamed up with Kijlstra, one of Western Europe’s leading manufacturers of precast products, to bring you high quality precast Gatic access covers and chambers , delivered to you on site, ready for immediate installation.

The precast approach is advantageous compared with traditional insitu installation methods as a factory fit is always achieved, off-site construction minimises H&S risks and construction time is greatly reduced

Built-in benefits Gatic PreCast can be ordered with the concrete ringbeam pre-fitted with either a recessed or solid top cover.

  • Requires only a single lift to install.
  • Installation time can be measured in minutes.
  • Needs no additional concrete surround.
  • High quality finish
  • Water tight chamber
  • C40/50 XA3 concrete
  • Externally poured and grouted connection between chamber and cover section to reduce H&S risks.
  • Push-fit pipe connections, tailored to the project.
  • Base structurally designed to loading criteria of project.

This new Gatic development is ideally suited for use on large and intermediate size projects where taking advantage of the precast route offers potentially large savings in time and labour costs.

  • Ports and dock facilities
  • Gas and electricity sites
  • Power stations/sub stations
  • Sewerage and water treatment works/pumping stations
  • Airports
  • Commercial and industrial sites

A range of chambers are available on request