Gatic Pave is a comprehensive system of single, duct and multi span access covers and frames for use in paved areas where an aesthetic finish is required in environments up to D400 loading.

Cover types

Covers are recessed for an aesthetic paviour infill.


Urban public places and parking areas.


The components of Pave covers are manufactured from: Ductile iron to BS EN 1563 and structural steel sections (removable beams) to BS 4-1.


Correctly installed, Pave covers will be non-rocking under slow moving traffic.


A film of graphite grease between the contact faces of Gatic units provides a gas and airtight seal, and a watertight join under normal rainwater conditions.

Secure and vandal resistant

Gatic covers cannot be removed without the correct lifting key so unauthorised removal is virtually impossible. Locking bolts can be fitted to Gatic cover keyways as an additional security feature. Gatic recommends that due to their weight with paviour infill, when Pave covers are removed they are lifted vertically using Gatic’s mechanical lifting keys.


If you require ventilated covers please refer to Gatic.

Closed keyways

Pave cover keyways are closed and fitted with plastic plugs to prevent the ingress of dirt.


All Pave covers will withstand test load and maximum permanent set criteria specified in BS EN 124: up to D400.

Secure support

The clear opening width between supporting frames are at least 7mm greater than the pit/chamber design to allow for minor deviations in pit construction dimensions.

Beam wallbox

Supporting beams in Pave Multispan units are easily

removed with appropriate lifting equipment for access to the total chamber area. Beam wallboxes do not project into the chamber opening.                                         


Covers, removable supporting steelwork and side frames are supplied with a galvanised finish.