New Ports & Airports Brochure

Gatic has updated its Ports & Airports brochure to include new projects that demonstrate its knowledge and experience in delivering high performance surface water drainage and access covers for large infrastructure and prestigious schemes worldwide.

Gatic’s innovative and robust Slotdrain range benefits from a unique profile that enables the slot drainage system to deal with large or small amounts of water. Slotdrain includes CastSlot and UltraSlot with a load class of up to F900 for heavy-duty loads. The single high capacity slot design replaces the gratings of a more conventional system and the v-shaped cross section of the channel maximises flow.

Gatic’s Access Covers are cast to demanding specifications to deal with the harshest environments and cope effectively with ever-increasing vehicle weight and traffic volume. Uniquely they are manufactured to tight tolerances for a superior gas and air-tight fit, which prevents the cover from rocking and subsequent wear or failure.

Download the brochure and find out how Gatic’s products have benefitted ports and airports from Tilbury to Tripoli and Heathrow to Hamilton NZ.

by Michelle Goodwin 09 Mar 2017