Top marks for Gatic CastSlot at supermarkets and distribution centres

Visible Success at Distribution Centres
Evidence that Gatic CastSlot is beginning to make its mark in tough environments, from distribution centres to supermarket car-parks, is plain to see.

CastSlot carries heavy burdens
Efficient surface water drainage from these areas imposes wear and tear seldom encountered in other situations. Skid-marks left by the constant turning, stopping and starting of heavily laden, slow-moving vehicles make it obvious.

F900 for Slow Moving Trucks
Gatic CastSlot has a load factor of up to F900 and performs without fuss. Its 28mm surface slot is capable of disposing of huge volumes of water, while the cleverly profiled channel below can be completely encased in concrete on all sides and shrugs off anything the juggernauts manoeuvring above, can throw at it.

Developed with Supermarkets, for Supermarkets
The ductile iron throat is also available as a ‘Treadsafe’ (pedestrian safe) 8mm section. The smaller throat has been designed to enable CastSlot to work as securely in pedestrian and consumer vehicle areas of supermarkets as it does in the delivery sections.

How to specify CastSlot
CastSlot is just one of a wide range of Gatic Slotdrain products covering every application.