The best drainage system is the one you can’t see

Rapid surface water disposal with minimal visual impact
Gatic Slotdrain offers architects and designers an outstandingly efficient surface water drainage system with minimal visual impact. The 10mm surface opening is the only visual clue to a system capable of dealing with anything London’s weather can throw at it.

A comprehensive range
ideal for a wide range of applications Slotdrain’s range, with its wide spread of load bearing capabilities, is ideal for all kinds of applications, from commercial, urban landscaping and pedestrian schemes to the most demanding of heavy industrial projects and international turn-key installations.

Free drainage design software
Slotdrain’s straightforward installation process is complemented by our genuinely rapid design service and the availability of FREE design software. The concept’s flexibility and adaptability mean that bespoke design requirements pose no problems and can easily be accommodated.

Discover Slotdrain products
FacadeSlot, shown here, is just one of a wide range of Gatic Slotdrain products designed to cover every application.