Royal Mail turn to CastSlot in Daventry

Royal Mail turn to CastSlot in Daventry.
Royal Mail specified just under 1,500m of Gatic Slotdrain for its distribution facility in Daventry, to replace failing systems provided by alternative suppliers. The key factor in the new specification had to be the ability for any drainage installed to withstand regular slow turning of lorries, which puts pressure on the channel run. This had been the cause of the previous system failing. CastSlot has been developed by Gatic in response to this particular issue that so often causes trouble for clients. CastSlot is fortified with extra strength along the channel run, making it sufficiently robust at handling heavy wheel loads and slow turning wheels.

Unique Demands. Bespoke responses.
Working closely with the consulting engineers and contractors, we contributed in detail to system design and installation guidance and visited the site regularly. We customised some of our drainage channels to meet the bespoke geographical requirements of Royal Mail at their Daventry centre, including the need for slightly shallower channels for some areas of the facility, but with the same channel width. These kinds of bespoke responses to unique demands are made possible by the fact that our manufacturing, engineering and design teams are all based at the same facility: our HQ in Dover, UK.