Hidden Drainage System Revealed in Bath

Hidden drainage system revealed in Bath
Beneath the pedestrian areas of modern day Bath lies an example of clever engineering not actually invented until fairly recently. Ingenious as the Romans were, it fell to the specialised engineers at Gatic to come up with a surface water drainage system that was not only highly efficient but practically invisible to the untrained eye. The Roman spa city of Bath has since installed Gatic’s slot drainage in its town centre and pedestrian retail areas.

Discreet surface slot
Gatic Slotdrain shows only as a deceptively discreet, continuous 10mm slot on the surface but underneath, its unique profile means it can rapidly dispose of surface water, whether a trickle or a torrent. Capable of being configured in straight runs, at angles, or even in perfectly curved radii and perfectly complementing high-spec paving. The Gatic Slotdrain system is an incredibly smart choice of drainage, for incredibly smart projects.