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Airports and Ports

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  Inspection Access and
Surface Water Drainage at
Ports and Airports

Over the past eighty years, Gatic have installed access covers and surface water drainage systems at more than two hundred ports and airports worldwide.

Our reputation has been built not only on the exacting specifications to which Gatic products are manufactured, but also the unparalleled level of support and technical assistance we provide for every specification.

Access Covers
Many years of research and innovation have been invested over the years into the Gatic Access Cover product range.

Today’s covers are designed to deal with the harshest environments and to cope effectively with an anticipated, ever increasing vehicle weight and traffic volume well into the future.

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The danger of adverse weather causing flash floods and bringing vital facilities to a standstill is very real. Since its first launch over twenty years ago, Slotdrain has consistently and reliably met the requirement for a system capable of handling huge quantities of surface water in a short space of time. It is safe, robust and unobtrusive.

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